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Title Grade Subject Date School Instructor Keywords Movie
What is the size of the shaded part? (Area of curved figures) Elementary School G-6 Math 2016.06.21 Sugekari Elementary School, Meguro Ward, TOKYO Masahiro Nakayama No
Division of Decimal Numbers Elementary School G-5 Math 2015.07.01 Sasahara Elementary School, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo OOHASHI, Yuuki No
Investigating Changes Elementary School G-4 Math 2015.06.30 Tokyo Gakugei University Koganei Elementary School Takeo Takahashi No
Investigating Change Elementary School G-4 Math 2015.06.27 Yamanashi Univesrity Model Elementary School Kuniyuki Yamaguchi No
Let’s think about Division! (Division with Remainders) Elementary School G-3 Math 2015.06.26 Showa City Oshihara Elementary School Yuji Ishikawa No
Writing an Equation for a Recurrence Relationship Junior High School G-1 Math 2015.06.25 Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School Ren Kobayashi No
Lessons that raise the quality of mathematical process, Calculations with Algebraic Expressions Junior High School G-2 Math 2015.06.23 TGU Koganei Junior High School Sho Sibata No
Division and Fractions: How many times as much is it? Elementary School G-5 2015.06.27 University of Yamanashi Model Elementary School Sayuri Kasai Yes
How can we draw congruent quadrilaterals (Congruent Figures) Elementary School G-5 2015.06.24 Sugekari Elementary School Noriko Kudo Yes
Speed 4 Elementary School G-6 2013.09.06 Koganei Elementary School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University Takeo Takahashi Yes

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