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Speed 3

Title Speed 3
Lesson Plan
Movie File of the entire Lesson Movie
Revision number 1
Author(s) Takeo Takahashi
Date 2013.09.05
School Koganei Elementary School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University
Instructor Takeo Takahashi
Grade Elementary School G-6(12 years old)
Summary In this lesson, students solve problems about finding distance from speed and time, and also finding time from speed and distance. "The typhoon moves from Naha to Yoron island for 1 hour 30 mins. Where is this typhoon going to be after 9 hours?" is the main problem to solve. After students work on the problem, the teacher picks up the students' ideas about using a double number line and also finding speed per hour. After that, they derive the formulation "speed x time = distance". Then the teacher poses the problem "How long does this typhoon take to move from Naha to Tokyo, 1600km away?" Students work to find time from speed and distance. (46:53)

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Introduction/Posing Problem The teacher places a map of Okinawa area and shares with the students that it is about 120 km from Naha city to Yoron island. Then he posed the following problem. "The typhoon moves from Naha to Yoron island for 1hour 30 mins. Where is this typhoon going to be after 9 hours?" (4:18) movie
Solving Problem 1 The teacher gives time for students to work individually. Students ask several questions about the problem, so the teacher clarifies the problem for the class, then has them resume work. (4:30) movie
Sharing/Proportional Relationships After the students spend about 7 minutes of individual work, the teacher asks students to share what they have done. He asks one student who solved the problem by using number lines and the proportional relationship between distance and time, with the time expressed in minutes. (3:35) movie
Sharing/Change Unit of Time Students describe their solutions by first expressing 1hr 30mins in hours using decimals or fractions. (3:26) movie
Sharing/Find Speed The teacher asks a student who solved the problem by finding the speed of the typhoon. (4:05) movie
Sharing/Add 1on Number Line A student who found the unit rate on the double number line expresses her idea. (4:52) movie
Formulation/Application Problem Teacher reviews the ideas so far, and derive the formula, "Speed(per hour) x Hours = Distance". After that, he poses the following problem: "How long does this typhoon take to move from Naha to Tokyo, which is 1600km?" (3:52) movie
Solving Problem 2 Students work independently on the problem. (2:28) movie
Sharing/Using Formula The teacher presents a solution by a student who used the formula derived earlier. (3:19) movie
Sharing/Summary The student who solved the problem by using the double number line that appeared in the first problem expresses her solution. Lastly, the teacher summarized the lesson. (5:27) movie

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