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[Webinar on September 3] Mathematics Lesson Study in Japan: A structured problem-solving lesson in congruent figures

In collaboration with The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) , we are offering a webinar for Australian teachers that looks at a Japanese structured problem-solving lesson in mathematics. The lesson is presented in the context of Lesson Study.

The webinar will be based on a video-recorded lesson How can we draw congruent quadrilaterals? from a Grade 5 classroom in a Japanese public school. 

The video, which has English subtitles, its accompanying lesson plan in English and a mathematical task for the lesson will be available online for viewing and examination before the webinar. 

We recommend that webinar participants spend approximately 75 minutes attempting the task, carefully examining the lesson plan, and watching the video recording of the 50-minute lesson.

We expect that Australian teachers will be interested to see how a structured problem-solving lesson is planned and implemented in Japanese schools. About a dozen Australian educators have participated in IMPULS programs in Japan and we hope that several of these will participate in the webinar. 

The webinar will attempt to highlight some of the key features of the post-lesson discussions that play a key role in Lesson Study, and will include expert commentary from Australian and Japanese educators about the problem-solving approach used in the lesson, as well as opportunities for comments and questions from participating teachers.


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Date 2020.09.03

Tokyo Gakugei University
Project IMPULS(International Math-teacher Professionalization Using Lesson Study)


4-1-1 Nukuikita, Koganei, Tokyo, JAPAN ,184-8501